Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blogspot in Toilet......

when i entered into the toilet of M.Sc. Hostel this morning and just after latched the toilet, an URL HIT my eyes which was written inside the door. what is written? i surprised and curiously check. i found: ha ha ha what a advertising strategy yar.. any way guys lets guess who wrote there. it is written with marker. so i think its a teacher's job. you know teachers feel better to write on the board.

सधैं बोर्ड मा लेख्ने बानि, चर्पीमा जांदापनि सहायद सक सक लाग्यो होला, लखु लेखु लाग्यो होला अनि ढोकालाई बोर्ड सम्झेर कुनै सरले लेखेको हुनु पर्छ. ....मेरो संखा है यो चहीं।
some guys while in mess discuss that...wa wa wa our blog reached switzerland,UK, USA, i say that "wa wa wa wa our blog also reach in toilet...ha ha ha" lets laugh.
lets advertise to other places too.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cheers...Sanjeeb's Wedding Ceremony

Dear All M. Sc. Hostel Mates,

I got engaged with Anita Poudel.

I Heartly Invite you all in my wedding ceremony on the following schedule:

Bariyat Prasthan: 2063/08/22(10AM)
Priti Bhoj: 2063/08/23 (12 AM)
Vanue: Chitwan

it will be better to meet at 10:30 AM at Narayanghad to attend the program.

*The Invitation Card for all M. Sc. Hostel friends is placed in our Mess.

Seeking for good response from all friends...

with Best Regards,

Sanjeeb Baral,

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Birth Day Jonathan!!!!!!

sorry guys i am late to post this message as due to my assessment exam coming soon.

any way we hostel group giving very much thatnks to our Friend JONATHAN on his 25th birth day ceremony party, so



i request to those guys to submit the photos who took on the party yesterday night. then i will upload these photo to our blog.

thank you!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mangshir Lagyo.....सबैले मेसो मिलाउदैछन!!!!

one mate wrote a comment ( about misuse of hostel phone. i am forced to write something here that the time came yar, mangshir lagyo.

कोही फोनमा मस्त, कोही परीक्षामा मस्त, कोही डेटिङमा मस्त हा हा हा! तर फोनको केश चाहीं अलि परक छ है।
के के होलान त पोनका लक्षेणहरु:
१ राजनितिक फोन : हिरो चाहिं ध्रुब भट्ट (वाक्कै बनायो बा।।।।।।।।)
२ परीक्षा फोन: पढ्नेहरु (ठिकै छ, पढ्नु पर्छ, नो कमेन्ट!!)
३ जिबन साथि फोन: (खाना खायौ त?, अनि छोरो सुत्यो आदि आदि)
४ केटी साथि फोन: (यो चाही अहिले हटलाइन मा छ, प्राय फोन येसैमा बेस्त हुन्छ)

अब भन्नुहोस् कटि साथि हटलाइन का हिरोहरु को को होलान????

रबिलाई मेरो सेक्रेट: ([कानेकूशि क्या, कसैलाई नभन्नु] मलई चाहीं कमेन्ट मा बाईपास गर है ;) ha ha ha)
हेई रबी कसैको बिहे नजिकै आउदै छ ने त! तेहि भयर होला ने त फोन बिजी भयको स्पेसल्ली राति १ बजे सम्म!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

About to setup Profile of M.Sc. Hostel mates

Notice for Profile Setup!!!

Dear Hostel Mates,
recently we are going to manage profile of each individual of M.Sc. Hostel through this blog. so i request you to submit following necessary information to my mail (

Room No:
permanent Address:
URL(if exists):

& at last one handsome/beautiful passport size photo (attach to my mail)

thank you for your cooperatioin!!! ;)

Welcome to ME hostel Blog of IOE

18 Nov. 2006 Saturday,
Welcome to the blog of IOE ME hostels. This blog is created and maintained by Babu Ram Dawadi[baburd]. specially i want this blog to share our knowledge and jokes of our Hostel mates. so all hostel mates are requested to share their feelings through this blog.

ok guys one importance, we all hostel residents congratulates mr. Rajan Bhattarai for his treat as being Irrigation engineer in Ministry of water resouces, nepal. And, in the future, of course we will enjoy such treat from other loksewa hakims. so those who are in queue may notice their treat date through this blog also.