Saturday, November 18, 2006

Welcome to ME hostel Blog of IOE

18 Nov. 2006 Saturday,
Welcome to the blog of IOE ME hostels. This blog is created and maintained by Babu Ram Dawadi[baburd]. specially i want this blog to share our knowledge and jokes of our Hostel mates. so all hostel mates are requested to share their feelings through this blog.

ok guys one importance, we all hostel residents congratulates mr. Rajan Bhattarai for his treat as being Irrigation engineer in Ministry of water resouces, nepal. And, in the future, of course we will enjoy such treat from other loksewa hakims. so those who are in queue may notice their treat date through this blog also.




Anonymous said...

greate!!!, lets share dukha,sukha with hostel mates.
great job baburd.

Rajan said...

yeh babu dai, i am not such a big personality as u mentioned. The treat is only for the friends that cheers for my carrer and not for the being hakim etc.......

ravi said...

Babu Dai thanx a lot for launching this blog! Lets open the secrete of all the all time phone caller of the hostel sarkaari sampati ko durupayog rokau...............hahhaha

Anonymous said...

Shekhar ji, Jibendra ji lai mero dherai dherai badhai cha hijo baji jiteko ma. sathsathai rajendra bc ji lai mero santwana cha baji harekoma.

baji ko party chadai nai khana paiyos, yehi cha mero subhakamana.

Raj kumar said...

dear friends,
first of all i would like to thank Mr. Suri for giving us party on the occassion of his "Happy Birthday". I would also like to thank especially Mr. Bhuvan, Mr. Deepak and kitchen staffs for their help and co-operation.

We know Suri is departing on December 28, so on his farewell we are going to arrange a farewell party for him. The farewell party will be organised by the hostel committee and will be shared unitedly.
Thanks for your kind co-operation.