Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blogspot in Toilet......

when i entered into the toilet of M.Sc. Hostel this morning and just after latched the toilet, an URL HIT my eyes which was written inside the door. what is written? i surprised and curiously check. i found: ha ha ha what a advertising strategy yar.. any way guys lets guess who wrote there. it is written with marker. so i think its a teacher's job. you know teachers feel better to write on the board.

सधैं बोर्ड मा लेख्ने बानि, चर्पीमा जांदापनि सहायद सक सक लाग्यो होला, लखु लेखु लाग्यो होला अनि ढोकालाई बोर्ड सम्झेर कुनै सरले लेखेको हुनु पर्छ. ....मेरो संखा है यो चहीं।
some guys while in mess discuss that...wa wa wa our blog reached switzerland,UK, USA, i say that "wa wa wa wa our blog also reach in toilet...ha ha ha" lets laugh.
lets advertise to other places too.


hari said...

Notice Notice N Notice!!!

आजकाल जमाना पनी के आयो आयो.....everywhere advertisement....hording board maa taa dekheko tiyee,, अनी घर को भित्ता मा देखेको थीए,,,,testai aantaa dharai thau maa...tara aauta aanautho kura TOILET maa pane Advertisement.

धन्येबाध ! बिग्ज्ञापन दाता लाई,,,,,अब म पनी bhanchu,,,,,,,,
तपाई चाहानु हुन्छ,,,,,,SO GO...And FEEL URSELF..

हा,हा,हा,हा.......होस्टल पहीलो तल्ला ......toilet cabin mumber 1.

jonathan said...

your getting lazy, guys (in blogging...)
greetings from switzerland

Anonymous said...

No activities/no participation/no new things in Hostel Blog since so long? Baburd kaha haraunu bhayo?


Anonymous said...

after 6 years the advertisement is still intact :)

Joras said...

after 11 years the advertisement is still intact :)